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HealthyVentours is a corporate and community wellness company servicing the Central Florida Area. With over 16 years of experience in health, fitness, and well-being, HealthyVentours revolves around a balanced lifestyle of healthy behaviors.

4-Step Journey

Your employees' health is your most valuable asset. Take the worthwhile journey. Create a culture of health for your company or organization using our 4-Step Journey: Discover, Create, Navigate, and Inspire.


HealthyVentours offers an array of programs and activities, modeled around the 8 Dimensions of Wellness, specific to your organization's needs in order to elevate a higher level of health consciousness and engagement that will reflect favorably on the individual, and hence, the company.



Deb has the amazing ability to make a corporate wellness program deliver tangible value to an organization...increasing employee engagement and contributing to a positive environment and culture.

Dana Singer
VP and General Manager
Travel Media Group


Debbie has the unique ability to find fitness goals that work for each person while instilling a sense of adventure, encouragement and fun into the program!

James T. Schumacher
VP - Finance and Administration
Smart City Telecom


Debbie provides a holistic focus on WELLNESS - mind, body and spirit. She brings forth a passion for life - personalized and customized to my individual needs. I am better holistically in every way, fueled by her heart, soul and drive.

Jim MacPhee